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Applications of the CLS Framework: Sharing: Example

The following steps are involved in sharing terminological data:

  1. The fields are mapped to ISO 12620 (this example uses sample data from Oracle):
    1. Entry-number: entry identifier (A.10.15 )
    2. Subject field: subject field (A.4)
    3. Product: project subset (A.10.3.3)
    4. Term Type: termtype: (A.2.1)
    5. English term: term: (A.1)
    6. Status: administrative status (A.2.9.3)
    7. Definition: definition (A.5.1)
    8. Hungarian term: term (A.1)
  2. Structure of the termbase is identified. (See Oracle data in the Representation section for more information).
  3. The second step in sharing: convert to the appropriate interchange format (Negotiated MARTIF, Blind MARTIF/MSC, or a subset of Blind MARTIF/MSC). In this example we will convert the data to XML using the MSC core schema:

    original data:
    67,Manufacturing,,Standard,alpha smoothing factor,Approved,A value between 0 and 1 used in statistical forecasting calculations for smoothing demand fluctuations. Oracle Inventory uses the factor to determine how much weight to give to current demand when calculating a forecast.,Alfa simítási tényezõ

    MSC Representation:

    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <!-- hide the doctype statement from IE5 and use schema form of core structure
    <!DOCTYPE martif PUBLIC "ISO 12200:1999//DTD MARTIF core (MSCcdV03)//EN">
    <martif type='MSC' lang='en' xmlns="x-schema:MSCcsV03.xml">
    	<fileDesc><sourceDesc><p>from an Oracle termBase</p></sourceDesc></fileDesc>
    	<encodingDesc><p type='DCSName'>MSCd-supplierV03</p></encodingDesc>
    <termEntry id='ID67'>
    <!-- This entry comes from tab-delimited data with the following structure:
    	entry number (67), subject field ("manufacturing"), term type ("Standard" = fullForm), 
    	definition ("A value between 0 and 1, used..."),
    	English term ("alpha smoothing"), Hungarian term ("Alfa ...") -->
    <descrip type='subjectField' datatype='picklistVal'> manufacturing </descrip>
    <langSet lang='en'>
    	<descrip type='definition' datatype='noteText'> A value between 0 and 1 used in statistical 
    		<hi type='entailedTerm'>forecasting</hi> calculations for smoothing demand fluctuations.</descrip>
    		<note>Oracle inventory uses the factor in calculating a forecast.</note>
    		<term>alpha smoothing factor</term>
    		<termNote type='termType' datatype='picklistVal'>fullForm</termNote>
    <langSet lang='hu'>
    	<tig><term>Alfa simítási tényezõ</term></tig>

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