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Last updated: January 27, 2001

The CLS Framework

Alan K. Melby
Sue Ellen Wright

Please note that the CLS Framework pages are currently being updated to reflect MSC (MARTIF with Specified Constraints). The data categories pages in particular will be substantially modified. We recommend that you check these pages often for updates and changes. (January 21, 2000)

The CLS Framework is the result of a joint effort of the Brigham Young University Translation Research Group (BYU TRG) and the Kent State University Institute for Applied Linguistics (KSU IAL). The framework deals with the structure and content of terminological databases, which we will call termbases. The Framework can be used for representation of existing termbases, design of new termbases, and for the sharing of terminological data.

An introduction to ISO 12200 (Negotiated MARTIF) is available as part of this section by following the link to negotiated sharing under the sharing subsection. Current work on Blind MARTIF is focused on a format called MARTIF with Specified Constraints (MSC), which was sumbitted to ISO TC 37, SC 3 as N363 on November 15, 1999.

Although most of the CLS Framework materials are applicable to XML intermediate formats for terminological data, one section deals with representing terminological data in a relational database (RelTef).


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