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Term Section


A sub-section of a language section that contains a single term used to designate the concept that is the subject of the terminological entry, as well as any other information (e.g., definitions, contexts, etc), associated with that term.

A language section in a terminological entry can contain one or many term sections. Term sections may be in the form of so-called tigs (terminology information groups) or ntigs (nested terminology information groups. Tigs are very simple in structure. All items listed in a tig refer directly to the term contained in the tig. Ntigs include sub-groups that enable the user to include subsidiary information referring to other elements in the entry, such as the source of a definition, or a responsibility code for a subset of the ntig.

Box and line representation of an nTig (Term Section)

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[Box and line representation of Term Section]

Expandable portions of the diagram: auxInfo noteLinkInfo basicText termCompList

NOTE: The boxes labeled noteText, auxInfo and basicText represent entities and not elements. Treat them as short hand for a collection of elements.

Example in DXLT

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			<term>table des transitions d'états</term>
			<termCompList type="termElements">
          				<termNote type="grammaticalGender">feminine</termNote>
					<termNote type="partOfSpeech">preposition</termNote>
					<termNote type="grammaticalNumber">plural</termNote>
					<termNote type="grammaticalGender">feminine</termNote>