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Terminological Data Collection


All those data (term-related, descriptive, or administrative) that are associated with a subset of special language and included in a specific DXLT document or file

Box and line representation of a Terminological Data Collection

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[Box and line representation of Terminological Data Collection]

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Example in DXLT

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	<?xml version='1.0'?>
	<!DOCTYPE martif PUBLIC "ISO 12200:1999A//DTD MARTIF core (MSCcdV04)//EN">
 	<martif type='DXLT' lang='en' >
		<fileDesc><sourceDesc><p>from an Oracle termBase</p></sourceDesc></fileDesc>
		<encodingDesc><p type='DCSName'>MSCdmV04</p></encodingDesc>
	<text> <body>
		<termEntry id='ID67'>
			<descrip type='subjectField'>manufacturing</descrip>
			<descrip type='definition'>A value between 0 and 1 used in </descrip>
			<langSet lang='en'>
				<term>alpha smoothing factor</term>
				<termNote type='termType' >fullForm</termNote>
 			<langSet lang='hu'>
 				<tig><term>Alfa simítási tényezõ </term></tig>
 	</body> </text>