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A section of a terminological entry that contains all the terms, i.e., all the terminological information groups (tigs) or nested tigs (ntigs) related to the terms used in a given language to designate the concept that is the subject of the terminological entry, as well as any other information (e.g., definitions, contexts, etc.) associated with that language or the terms in that language.

A terminological entry can contain one or many language sections depending on whether the termbase is monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual. The language associated with any group of tigs or ntigs is declared in the markup for the language set itself and is inherited by the tigs and ntigs and by all other elements therein unless otherwise specified. The language codes specified in ISO 639 and the country codes specified in ISO 3166. are used to identify language regions for fully conformant DXLT files. Other alternate systems, such as Microsoft's MSDN regional codes [insert URL] should be converted to ISO notation for interchange purposes in DXLT.

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	<langSet lang='en'>