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Complementary Information


Any resource residing in the back of the DXLT file or possibly external to the file and referenced from any point within the terminological entries.

Complementary Information includes, for instance, textual bibliographical or administrative information residing in or external to the file, static or dynamic graphic images, video, audio, or virtually any other kind of binary data [blobs]. It might also include references to other terminological resources or contextual links to related text corpora or to ontologies. These items are often designated as shared resources because they are available to all points in a termbase and are not repeated for different entries.

Box and line representation of Complementary Information

[Box and line representation of Complementary Information]

Expandable portions of the diagram: noteLinkInfo basicText

NOTE: The boxes labeled noteLinkInfo and basicText represent an entity and not an element. Treat them as short hand for a collection of elements.

Example in DXLT

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<refObjectList type='bibl'>
        <refObject id='Bib-CNEEMA'>
             <item>CCNEEMA, Dict. techn. de la mécanisation agricole</item>
	     <note>Incomplete bibliographic information provided.</note>