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What is glottal chronology? What are Grice's maxims?

If you don't know what something in class is, this is the place to look. In this section we try to define terms you may not know and provide the positions of various faculty members on some of the issues these topics raise.

To do this we want to begin with a top-down global picture of linguistics:

If you are in Ling 490 or 690 the following questions should be very familiar. Follow the link below to get the scoop on what various faculty members think on this question:

Finally, when you just have no clue what the instructor is talking about, or if it's been just a little too long since Ling 230, here's where to go for definitions:

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please send an email to Daniel Roundy, dqr@ttt.org, and we'll try to add it.

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