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Last updated: January 27, 2001

A Graphical Representation of the CLS Framework

The CLS Framework that we have described in words can be shown graphically as follows (except that the global information is not shown):

[Graphical Representation of Structure of the CLS Framework]

Each ConceptEntry has the following structure. One thing that is not shown explicitly is the fact that there can be many language sections, each containing one or more terms:

[Structure of a Contept Entry

Each piece of textual information has a language code associated with it. A descrip note can be attached to any descrip; an admin note can be attached to any admin; and a general note can be attached to any item except another general note. A link can be attached to any item; a link can be to another ConceptEntry or to a reference in the SharedRefs. The SharedRefs, which are not shown, consist of a number of expanded reference items.

Now the reader is encouraged to look at Reltef, MARTIF, and other termbase representations that are compatible with the CLS Framework structure, as well as the CLS Framework set of data categories from ISO 12620.

Comments on the CLS Framework itself are welcome.


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