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Last updated: January 27, 2001

The CLS Framework: Blind Interchange

MARTIF with Standardized Constraints (MSC) is a format designed to facilitate the blind sharing of terminological resources. Many places in the CLS Framework refer to Blind MARTIF, which should be understood as roughly equivalent to MSC. MSC is currently (as of January 2000) being evaluated by ISO as a possible international standard.

Blind interchange imposes more constraints on terminological function than any of the other applications described in the Applications area. Formats for blind interchange need to be strictly defined so that anyone can use data intended for interchange without needing to know anything about what the data may have looked like in the original termbase.

The following information is available on blind interchange using Blind MARTIF/MSC:

  1. Blind MARTIF data categories indexed to ISO 12620 (MARTIF) by class
  2. Blind MARTIF data categories indexed to ISO 12620 (MARTIF) in alphabetical order
  3. PDF Blind MARTIF thesis containing a detailed introduction to Blind MARTIF is available from the downloads area of the CLS Framework section.



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